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Your perception determines your experience of life. Your experience is not determined by WHAT is happening. It is determined by HOW you experience it.

Perception arises from your thinking. Your thinking controls everything you do and feel: all your actions, reactions, emotions, and perceptions.

Your thoughts emanate from your “programs” (mental conditioning).

Programs contain “baggage”, such as opinions, judgments, expectations, desires, fears, assumptions, jealousy, envy, discontent, and a host of others.

This baggage limits your experience of life to a very narrow, distorted, limited view of what is happening. If the event does not match up to your program you create unhappiness.

Therefore the bottom line is that your experience of life is dependent upon your programming. Which was put into your head by someone else!

When your thoughts are in control you severely limit your ability to enjoy a successful, happy life. However you have a choice. You can allow your thoughts to control you, or you can find a way to control your thoughts. The Key Is Mindful Thought Management. MTM will enable you to take control and manage your thinking. You can mindfully determine how you feel, think, and act. You will no longer be dependent on outside events or what people say or do, in order to be peaceful,  happy, and effective most of the time.

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